Deshedding/ Grooming Brush

Deshedding/ Grooming Brush

Grooming/ Deshedding Comb  -   Sturdy Shedding Tool

Can be used by all aged, pet and horse owners.
This Shedding Comb by Kangaroo Reef is a effective, safe and gentle comb that not only sheds the hair that is ready to come out of the coat but also dislodges the dirt and grim that lays beneath the hair on the skin.
The comb is NOT a steel hacksaw blade embedded in wood that rusts.
The comb is a 316 marine grade stainless steel that is designed to comb through the hair. Each tooth of the comb has a slightly rounded end to breakthough the dirt and grim and assist in removing unwanted hair. The comb is shaped so that the hair easily falls away from the surface.
In addition the handle is made from treated wood so that it does not rot or fade with constant use or being left outside. The handle is a simple shape for ease of use and measures 46mm in height to assist in the way it holds in your hand during use.The screws and nylock nuts are also marine grade 316 stainless steel to prevent any rusting. Coated in a polyurethane for added protection.
The comb is 128mm wide x 46mm high x 19mm depth. Great size for large and smaller hands.
Don't pay expensive prices for a shedding comb. We have done the drop test on the prototype to ensure that it is sturdy and ready for any situation.


     0GMS - 500GMS = $9

    500GMS 1KG = $12

    1KG- 3KG = $15

    3KG - 20 KG =$18