W/S Equine Hot/Cold Ice Boot -   Large

W/S Equine Hot/Cold Ice Boot - Large

Large: 42cm x 32cm (Guide: hack/ draught)

  • RRP

    Large Boot - Sinlge $45

    Large Boot - Pair $80

  • About Product

    With correct application, these versatile equine boots can aid in injury prevention and significantly reduce swelling, soreness and bruising. They also assist by speeding up the recovery process with the ice cold gel application and are ideal for assisting with laminitis. (especially with ponies)

    When heat is required to soften and help disburse a stubborn leg infection that has hardened, simply apply the gel packs hot. (to the recommended heat on the reverse of the gel pack) 

    The equine boots have been cleverly designed, with versatility to be used on either leg, near or fore.  These boots have been designed so the velcros interlink and can be applied to the neck, sholders and hind areas, giving better ice therapy to these areas.

    They are lined with soft canvas linen for the horses comfort and the inserts hold 2 evenly placed hot/cold gel packs. (Smalls hold one gel pack for ponies)

    The gel packs maintain their flexibility when frozen, are easily microwavable when heat is required and can be reused multiple times for either application.  

    They all have reinforced, long adjustable velcro straps to ensure correct fitting.

  • Correct Sizing

    How to choose the correct size boot for your horse.     

    The easiest way to work out the correct size boot is to measure the circumference of your hoses fetlock. It is more important to have the circumference correct than the height of the boot.  There must be an overlap of 2cm - 4cm for the boot to be fitting correctly, therefore distributing the hot cold cell evenly around the whole cannon bone, down to the fetlock joint.

    Example: If you measure your horses front fetlock joint at the widest part and it is 31cm and the hind fetlock is 37cm then you should select size - Medium for the front and Large for the hinds.  (Most horses will be a size larger on the hinds.)



 0GMS - 500GMS = $9

500GMS 1KG = $12

1KG- 3KG = $15

3KG - 20 KG =$18