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    Regular Pack Includes Hoof Wash 500ml, HoofStik 40g Crack Repair 500ml 

    BONUS Pack includes Hoof Wash 500ml, 2 x Hoofstiks, Crack Repair 1Litre 

    Damage caused by various ailments can quickly result in further problems, if your horse has suffered from either Seedy Toe/ White Line, Thrush, Abscess, Punctures, Severe Cracking, Heel Cracking or Hoof Rot.

    You may notice - Extremely dry hoof or exposed internal hoof, strong odour, flaky sole, further cracking or shelling.

    Treatment includes making sure the hoof is balanced by a farrier/trimmer, have the infected area removed and opened up.   

    By using one or more products from the Hoof Repair Pack, you can assist in providing a protective layer to reduce further damage, stop debris entering crevices or large cracked areas, nourishing damages cells and moisturises deep into the hoof for suppleness.

  • Hoof Abscess

    Recognising the symptoms that indicate a hoof abscess is not that easy.

    Early detection assists in fast treatment and the horses ability to return to work.  Left unattended, the abscess can build up pressure and more serious problems may result.

    Symptoms of a possible abscess include :

    • A change in the attitude of the horse
    • Slight change in regular gait
    • An unevenness in movement
    • Resting on one leg with the hoof in a pointed position
    • One hoof will have heat, feels warmer than the other
    • Swelling and heat above the fetlock

    Hoof abscesses can be grouped into four categories :

    • Toe abscess
    • Sole abscess
    • Heel abscess
    • Bar abscess

    An indicator that there is a suspected abscess is an accelerated or stronger pulse in the leg affected.  An initial examination can be performed to assist your horses health.  This can be carried out by measuring the pulse of the suspected leg, and how it compares to the opposite unaffected leg.

    To measure a horses pulse

    • Place finger and thumb either side and above fetlock joint, behind the tendon.
    • Either notice the pulse or measure beats per minute. (compare to other leg)
    • Faster or stronger pulse, indicates that attention is needed.
  • Wall Separation

    Hoof Damage can be caused by various conditions especially an unbalanced hoof. Often this is associated with too much toe or flaring, causing the weight bearing load on the hoof to be a high pressure area.  The wall from the laminae is what gives causing the separation.

    Seedy Toe or White line is characterized by a progressive wall separation occurring at the junction between the middle layer of the hoof wall and the laminae. The inner hoof wall deteriorates to a soft chalky material. Studies in the US has shown that a range of pathogens mainly fungi invade this weak area.

    If treated early, it is manageable. Severe damage needs more attention. 

    Look for

    • Short periods of unexplained lameness
    • Hearing a different or hollow sound when tapping on the hoof wall
    • Separation between hoof wall and laminae
    • Dark line in the white line area that spreads between hoof wall and laminae
    • Lameness caused by formation of an abscess


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