Feed Biotin Nature's Way

March 30, 2016


 What is Biotin?

Biotin is from the B-complex vitamins and is involved in many metabolic processes that occur in the body. Biotin is one of the agents that converts our food into energy.

Its water soluble, which means the body will not store it. Biotin travels in the bloodstream and excess or unused quantities are eliminated in urine.   This means that it must be taken regularly.

How does it help my horse?

Biotin acts as a coenzyme (means it works with other enzymes) in several metabolic reactions.

Eg: Biotin works in the early stages of energy metabolism by converting sugars into usable energies from the carbo-hydrates.

This will provide your horse with usable energy within the body, will lower blood sugar levels, will encourage muscle development and is essential for healthy skin, hair and hooves. 


Why it is important ?

Biotin not only feeds the hoof, but it is required for the over all wellbeing of the horse, by the following:

• Necessary for healthy cell growth
• Essential for a healthy digestive system
• Aid in rational brain function
• Provides constant renewal of energy to muscle 


How can I feed Biotin naturally?

Biotin is most commonly taken from dietary sources but can be absorbed through the skin and hoof. It is available in many sources.

The richest sources for the equine diet will be from natural yeast, soybeans, nuts and unprocessed cereals.

This includes walnuts, brewers yeast, beans, pecans, whole-grains, almonds, bananas, unpolished rice and oats. Dried peas, corn barley, spinach.

A small amount fed daily mixed with your hard feed is all you need. 


Plants with the most Biotin in them are:

 Brewers Yeast and nutritional Yeast                     

Sweet Potato



Walnuts (caution with nuts can cause colic if too much is given)

Soya beans and Legumes




Consider putting additional food sources in your horses feed

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