Using Ice Boots on Horses

How does it work?

  • Reduces inflammation which leads to less scar tissue forming

  • Reduces blood leakage into areas which lessens bruising

  • Drops the temperature which limits tissue damage

  • Used in conjunction with compression, increases the external pressure to reduce swelling

When would I use an ice boot?

Use as soon as an injury has occurred. This will reduce or even prevent swelling.

Use for pain relief to a sore and inflamed area of an existing injury.

Use as a preventative after excessive exercise.

Use as many times as you like on a soft tissue injury, muscle strains, joint sprains or direct trauma to muscle or bone, ensuring rest periods are provided between applications.

What are their main uses?

  • Cooling tendons after strenuous exercise

  • Reducing swelling to a recent injury

  • Reducing bruising to a hard knock

  • Prevent inflammation

  • Reduce bleeding into the tissues

  • Rapid cooling down after heavy work out

Rider: Charlie Germein Event Rider SA

How easy are they to use?

They are very simple to use. They come as a complete unit, just store the gel pack inserts in the freezer. Slide the gel packs into the two canvas linen pockets and use the adjustable velcro straps to secure to the horse leg. Spare inserts can be purchased to interchanged when severe heat is present.


It is very important after strenuous exercise to cool off your horses legs, especially the tendons to reduce risk of swelling and inflammation caused by impact on hard ground.



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