Get Out and About - Use Ice Therapy Care

Bringing our horses into work after a break is always a bit of fun. The spring grass is starting and they are full of beans. We know end of winter is nearly finished. The season to start getting out and about with our horses is starting. With this getting back into work, brings about a few more issues of potential injury, muscle strain, bruising or muscle tiredness. (Not only you but the horse as well)

What is a good idea is to warm up the horse before work and warm down after the work session. In addition, after an event or a workout, it is a good idea to apply ice (or chilled) therapy to the tendons which assists the tendons recover quicker and does not leave the muscles and tendons of the horse tired and sore.

We use glucose gel packs in the specially designed boots, as when frozen it is more pliable to the shape of the lower leg. At minus 13 degrees celsius, it certainly chills down the blood moving through the tendons and reduces potential swelling for fast recovery.

Consider this season using this economically priced therapy boots to help your competition partner recover. Buy singles or pairs. Compared to many other boots these are good value, made from strong material and very durable.

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