Prevent Horse Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common cause of lameness in horses. The joints that appear to be most affected is the knee, fetlock, coffin bone, hock and the pastern. Research has seen that it affects horses in heavy work and horses just used for pleasure. It is believed to be part of getting older. Having said that there are some factors that will speed up the process such as ongoing physical stress, poor confirmation and injury.

Harry is an 11 year old thoroughbred who had raced on and off for 8 years. He came into my possession about 18 months ago with a range of ailments mostly around the feet. We have sorted most of this out but now he is showing signs of pain in the joints.

So I did a bit or research and came across this book by the author Pat Colby. Having now read the book I have decided to try the recipes out. The book outlines that the most likely cause is due to incorrect absorption of minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and trace minerals such as boron and copper.

These minerals in conjunction with vitamin A and D are what make bones and joints healthy. What is recommended in the diet is to remove the grains which are rich in phosphate and replace the diet with oaten chaff, lucerne chaff and bran as the bulk. There are a few other minerals to be added, dosages outlined in the book

The book does go on to say that the horse requires cod liver oil, copper sulphate and seaweed meal to be administered or to be left available for the horse to eat.

Harry has been on the mineral diet for a few days now and I have to admit that I am very positive about the progress. The book natural Horse Care has been well written and I purchased an ebook for about $12 which I think has been worth it. There are so many other ailments and problem solving in the book. I just thought I would share this one with you.

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